This is it – The Viking 92 EB.

Today’s yacht market is flooded with owners trying to sell their older yachts. The current market makes their yacht harder to sell and lowers the sales price, if they can find a buyer. Now these owners are turning to fractional yacht operators to place their yachts in the fractional programs, getting rid of up to 90% of the ownership. This is where their fleets, and inventory is coming from.

Tired yachts work well in the old fractional yacht programs because the yacht is placed in the Caribbean for 6 months, then makes one location change and sits there for the balance of the year. The yacht experiences easy hours of use which helps to keep repair costs of the tired yachts to a minimum.


Fractional Sportfishing Yachts program allows the owners to select the yacht, decor, equipment, and options of their choice.

Fractional Sportfishing Yachts plan needs a large luxury beast with the heart and muscle to go anywhere.


We have spent the past 14 months researching the luxury sportfishing market comparing Luxury, Comfort, Range, Speed, Ability to fish, Durability, Dependability, Warranty, and Manufacturer’s desire to help when needed. From this research, it was determined the Viking Yacht 92 EB checks every box needed to take our owners to any destination and more importantly, back home. We recommend the Viking 92 EB as our yacht of choice, but the final selection is in your hands.



They say that compromise is just a part of life. Do you want a big motor yacht with large staterooms to accommodate your friends and family and a high level of owner customization, or do you want a speedy sportfisherman with everything you need to land your next trophy? Well, with the Viking 92 EB, you get to have both. Being the largest convertible that Viking has ever launched and indeed one of the larger ones you’ll find afloat, the boat falls into a niche all her own, large enough to serve as a true motor-yacht for those looking to cruise, and yet at the same time carrying the true-blue-fishing DNA that runs through all the Viking convertibles. So, go ahead, have the best of both worlds.


With the Viking 92 EB, it really is.


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