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Who is Fractional Sportfishing Yachts?

Fractional Sportfishing Yachts is a professional yacht management and services company. We are not a broker nor do we have a fleet of tired, high hour yachts which their owners cannot sell to push on you.

We manage one yacht for four owners for five years with a staff of eight. This combination of eight staff members to four owners allows for a lot of dedicated personal service to each owner. 

You are not a number to us. You, your family and your yacht have our full attention as it is the only yacht we have to service.

Our firm was founded with the belief this 8 staff -1 yacht – 4 owners – 5 years concept better serves the values of our clients.

We ask our clients to only perform five tasks:

  1. Select the yacht of their choice including the décor, furnishings and equipment
  2. Purchase the yacht of their choice
  3. Insure the yacht of their choice
  4. Select 9 destinations each year for five years
  5. RELAX & ENJOY and allow us to do our job



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