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Upside & Downside of Fractional Ownership

Upside of Fractional Ownership – Eliminates:

  1. Accounting issues
  2. Dealing with crew issues
  3. Missed family moments
  4. Wasted weekends working on your yacht
  5. Time away from your business
  6. Maintenance headaches
  7. Dealing with vendors and repair yards
  8. Trip planning and preparations
  9. Dealing with destination regulations
  10. Costs associated with yacht sitting idle at dock
  11. Gets you on the water more 
  12. Saves you millions of dollars


Downside of Fractional Ownership:

  1. Your yacht is not docked close to home or in your backyard
  2. Eliminates day and weekend trips
  3. You cannot just go sit on her and watch the sunset
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