Below are our answers to some of the typical FAQ’s being asked.

Number of shares being offered?

Our program breaks the ownership up into four (4) equal shares.

What is the share price?

The 5 year share price is $1,750,000.00.  Paid as follows: DP $550,000.00, Year 2 $400,000.00, Year 3 $400,000.00 and Year 4 $400,000.00 – This guarantees funds are available when needed.

What costs are included in annual operating budget?

Crews salary & travel, maintenance, accounting, assigned personal concierge 24/7/365, downtime (crew, dockage, fuel), on site verification of all yard repairs, professional management services, destination scheduling

Who decides the yachts destinations?

This is the responsibility of you the owner. You must select nine (9) destinations per year so a workable schedule can be developed. 

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