Find your fractional yacht at this years FLIBS 2018 and be sure to step aboard the ultimate world-traveling sportfishing yacht “Viking 92Eb”.

We have listed a selection of companies that manage fractional yacht programs. As you can see these companies cover different types, sizes and geographical locations.

Barton & Gray  /  US East Coast  / 35′-70′  / Hinckley, Wally  / Motor

Curvelle  / Caribbean, Mediterranean  / 108′  /  Cheoy Lee  /  Motor

Monocle Yachts  /  Global  / 68′ – 328′  /  Various  / Motor, Sail

PartnerShips  /  US, Caribbean, Mediterranean  /  85- 143′  / Various  /  Motor

Seanet  /  US, Mexico, Caribbean, Mediterranean  /  35′ – 115′  /  Sunseeker  /  Motor

Signature Yacht Shares  / Florida  /  29′ – 75′  /  Various  /  Motor

Yacht Partners  /  California  /  57′ – 68′  /  Carver, Sunseeker  /  Motor

Yacht Plus  /  Caribbean, Mediterranean  /  132′  / Rodqiquez Cantieri Navail  /  Motor

Fractional Sportfishing Yachts  /  Global  / 92′  /  Viking EB  / Sportfishing Yacht

As you can see they cover everyone’s wants and needs. Motor or Sail, 29′ to 328′, local to global.

So far everything looks good, but you are looking at the icing on the cake and not what’s inside.

What are your expectations? Are you looking for a runabout or sailboat to use on weekends with family and friends. A 30 to 40 cruiser so you can invite another couple for those extended weekend trips? Maybe a 70-80′ motor yacht so you and four of your friends can enjoy a week-long getaway. Are you a fisherman that enjoys tournament fishing or a luxury yachting type? As the chart shows you can find any type of boat or yacht in any location in a fractional yacht program.

The typical fractional program divides the yacht into 10 shares because it makes life much easier.

  • It lowers the sticker shock – it does not sound so expensive
  • Management is less costly. Why, you ask? They only plan for two locations and one relocation.
  • Staying in one location for 20 weeks is easier on crew and yacht.

They all offer the same things, just say it differently. Fractional Yachting is not rocket science, its just how can I market myself to look better than the other guy.

Let’s look at “THE YACHT” – Why are they listing all those yachts and telling you what they cost? Who knows what the yacht really costs and do you own the yacht of just the right to use the yacht. If you are the only person that buys into the yacht then the owner is still the owner and controls your yacht. Do you like the décor, equipment, layout? The question to ask is “why are they selling you anything?” Some of the programs show you a fleet of yachts to pick from. Most of those yachts are placed with the fractional company because the owner does not use it enough and keeps paying all the expenses and it is easier than placing it with a charter company. If you were purchasing the yacht yourself is that the true value or is it inflated? How old is the yacht? Tired yachts will cost you much more money in the long run because you will be paying for the repairs and the owner knows it. Is that why his boat is in their fleet? Get these questions answered!

“DESTINATIONS” – Do you wish to travel to the destination listed next to the companies above? Another downside is some of these companies make you travel during the same time each year. Maybe it is too early of too late in the season for that destination but it’s your time and it is what it is.

“MANAGEMENT” – This is a very important part of fractional yachts as this is really the only thing they have to sell! Hiring of crews, arranging for services on site, taking care of daily repairs, accounting services, concierge services, scheduling yacht supplies, stocking the yacht for each cruise. These and a few other items are all the same for each company. So do it better and others.

The “BRIGHT SIDE” – There is one company that has decided to offer a totally different fractional yachting experience. Fractional Sportfishing Yachts, and as its name states, they only deal with new Sportfishing Yachts.

“YACHT” – the “s” was left off on purpose as we only handle one sportfishing yacht at a time. You purchase the yacht and place insurance so you know the actual cost of your yacht. You also choose the colors, décor, equipment, after all you are the owner. No tired boats here. We propose the Viking 92EB as the best yacht to fulfill our expectations of what we are offering the owners. The Viking 92EB is the ultimate world-traveling Sportfishing yacht with six luxurious staterooms. The final selection is in your hands!

“DESTINATIONS – Each year you select 9 destinations (areas) you wish to travel, over the plan that 45 destinations for 315 days. Therefore, we believe the Viking 92EB is the best platform. It acts like a 100′ Motoryacht while cruising or a proven winning Tournament Yacht so your options are never limited.

“MANAGEMENT – Here is where we really shine! We limit our management to only one yacht and four (4) owners at a time. You are not a number to us you are an owner. We have designed our plan so you own the yacht of your choice, place the insurance and we take care of everything else. We handle the hiring, training and testing of crews, monthly accounting reports, scheduling of all trips, knowing where to get fuel, local foods, beverage, dockage, paperwork requirements for yacht, crew, guests at each location. You are assigned a concierge available to you and your family 24/7. She will work with you and your family to arrange everything to your liking before you reach the yacht. She will arrange travel, restaurants, hotels, flights to and from, transportation from your home back to your home. Your concierge is like a family member and is always available. You are not given a phone number to a concierge department. Daily, weekly and manufacturers required maintenance are performed, monitored and recorded, as well as on-site overseeing of all repairs. Your yacht is never removed from the water without a representative of the company present. It is your yacht but ours to take care of! To learn about the entire program in more detail please visit us at: our website.

‘EXPECTATIONS” – If your expectations are met then the outcome will be enjoyable. If your expectations are not met then the outcome will be like sucking on a LEMON.

We wish you good luck and hope whichever company you select meets your expectations!