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76' Viking Sistership

25% SHARE – $1,250,000.00


Share #1 – Reserved – Mr. C.D. from Houston

Share #2 – Still Open

Share #3 – Still Open

Share #4 – Still Open

Viking 76' Salon

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2018 FLIBS





Concierge Services


World-class Personal Concierge Service

Our concierge are ultimate social advisors, business expediters and personal confidantes.

They are creative, resourceful, prudent, kind, dedicated, gracious, disciplined, and tenacious.

They are always respectful and protect the identity and confidentiality of all owners and guests.

They handle all duties with efficiency and zeal. Recommendations, reservations, travel, meeting and party planning, personal shopping and assistance are all in a day’s work.

Once you commit to the program a personal concierge will be assigned to you and your family to handle your needs 24/7. It is her duty to meet with you and your family to discover your likes and dislikes, for everything from food, drinks, restaurants, flights, etc. She will know your preferences and those of your family.

Concierge #1 will be assigned to owner #1 and owner #3 while Concierge #2 will be assigned to owner #2 and owner #4. This allows time between trips for proper planning, reservations, flight and arranging special requests.

I do not see this level of service being offered by any other fractional program.


Let us pamper you and your family.

Destinations – Fractional Sportfishing Yachts

Destinations! I can really select my destinations?


Destinations you select? I cannot understand the fractional programs that list two weeks in the Caribbean and two weeks in the Mediterranean. I do understand why – ten (10) owners. How can ten different personalities ever agree where to travel?

Our program believes you are the owner and as such have the pleasure of selecting nine destinations each year. We review your selections and develop a natural flow which keeps relocations costs to a minimum. If your selections are left off this years schedule they will be assigned on the following schedule. 

Our plan provides a total of 45 trips, to explore and enjoy your dream destinations every 5th week. The rotation consists of one week on, four weeks off, nine cycles per year.

In last weeks blog we included a map showing our base area of operation. You have the opportunity to see this entire area and select far away destinations if desired.

Base area of operation

This is how your photo journal can look in 5 years!

Only you can write the final chapter to your photo journal!

Next week we will discuss our 24/7 personal Concierge Services

Fractional Yacht Plan

Be an owner not a participant.

How do I find a fractional program that fits ME……..

What is the plan, how do I fit into the plan, and most importantly does the yacht fit the plan? This is the information needed to make the decision to purchase a share of the fractional program.

Our plan allows you to be an owner not a renter or a charter.

Over the next six weeks we will provide our entire plan and explain in detail what makes us different.

  • Proposed Yacht – Viking 92EB
  • Destinations
  • Concierge Services
  • Maintenance
  • Captain & Crew
  • Repairs
  • Accounting

How can you select a yacht until you know the plan. Almost all the fractional ownership programs have already decided your destinations and which yachts are available for your selection. So you do not have a choice for either the yacht or destinations! You only have a pick!

We will layout our plan and propose a yacht we feel fulfills the requirements of the plan for your review.

Our plan is simple, we offer you the same process you would experience if you were purchasing a yacht, without the headaches and costs associated with solo ownership. Being from New Orleans we must also offer a little Lagniappe (extra). A much larger operational area of destinations from which to select.

Our base area of operation includes Los Suenos, Costa Rica, Tropic Star Lodge, Panama, South Padre, Tx. around to Key West up the entire Atlantic Coast, out to Bermuda to the Bahamas through Turks & Caicos over to Dominican Republic, St Thomas, Montserrat, Barbados to Trinidad & Tobago. Maybe you want to fish for a grander at Cape Verdi? These are the things you need to know when selecting a fractional program.

Tropic Star Lodge, Panama

The yacht must be able to sustain itself, crew and guests over large distances. Provide creature comforts, safety, protection and be multi-purpose.

Examples of two locations you might select: Walkers Cay to Bermuda +/- 600 miles and Cayman Islands to Colon, Panama +/- 830 miles. You cannot stop for fuel, water, ice or provisions. If your fuel tanks cannot cover this distance then you can be bothered with bladders on the deck.

Yacht usage? Do the owners only want to cruise around the islands? Also be able to fish while aboard? How about tournament fishing?

For the purpose of this article we propose the Viking 92EB as the yacht we believe checks all the boxes.

Click the 92 Download button to view a complete listing of a typical Viking 92EB.

Basic Operational Area 

Our fractional plan requires a large luxury beast with the heart and muscle to go anywhere.

We have spent the past 20 months researching the luxury sportfishing market comparing luxury, comfort, range, speed, ability to fish, durability, dependability, warranty, and manufacturers desire to help when needed. From this research we determined the Viking 92EB checks every box needed to take our owners to any destination and more importantly back home. We recommend the Viking 92EB as our yacht of choice, but the final selection is up to you.

They say compromise is just part of life. Do you want a big motoryacht with large staterooms to accommodate your friends and family and a high level of owner customization, or do you want a speedy sportfisherman with everything you need to land your next trophy? Well, with the Viking 92EB, you get both. Being the largest convertible that Viking has ever launched and indeed one of the larger ones you’ll find afloat, the boat falls into a niche all her own, large enough to serve as a true motor-yacht for those looking to cruise, and yet at the same time carrying the true-blue-fishing DNA that runs through all the Viking convertibles. So, go ahead, have the best of both worlds.

Next week we will discuss how we propose the nine destinations each year are determined.

+ Secluded Beach

Does Fractional Work?

Secluded Beach


They do exist, you just have to keep looking. Too many have strayed from the meaning of offering a fractional yacht. Fractional programs are hard to keep pure, most add other options in order to stay afloat. 

Read their offerings to see what they sell, Yachts, Fleets? Then they are not real fractional programs. WHY? 

A true fractional yacht program does not sell anything. What can they possibly offer to sell? Are they a broker? Are they a yacht manufacturer? I see some offering charters. This is wrong! They are businesses but not true fractional yacht programs.

What is a real fraction yacht program? A professional management firm which provides services to clients that own a fractional yacht. Do not accept any other definition you may see in the press, magazines or websites.

A good fractional program should provide: Assigned 24/7 Concierge services for you and your family – not a department you can call if needed, Complete crew management, Protection of clients funds in escrow accounts, Written QA/QC maintenance and repair plans for your specific yacht, Trip planning from your door back to your door, Accounting both internal and external services,  Being present at repair yards when repairs are being performed so repairs and invoicing can be confirmed. Most of all, you should not be a number. It is impossible to provide the service required for a luxury yacht when you are spread over numerous yachts and a large number of owners.

Come read our story  to see if we are what you are looking for. Our plan is based upon the believe “8 Staff, 1 Yacht, 4 Owners, 5 Years” will provide the optimum luxury service.  

Yes, fractional yacht programs do work. You just have to put in the time to find the right one for your needs.

Click our link to see for yourself.  https://www.fractional-yachts.com/

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