This information was first published by Monocle Yachts, but I  believe it’s so important for everyone to think about before purchasing a yacht.

  1. How much cash am I really willing to give up for this indulgence?
  2. How much devotion will I have for its care and sustenance.
  3. How often am I going to use it?
  4. How much time am I really willing to expend on managing the daily operations of the crew, purchasing, supplies, monitoring, vendor repairs and major shipyard work, as well as countless hours of research, decision making and legal consequences?
  5. What if something changes in my life and subsequently owing this yacht becomes more of a burden than an asset? How easily will I be able to get rid of it.

These are some reasons owning a yacht solo can become a dream killer.

If you are not willing to take the time out of your family life to do these things then Fractional Ownership is for you.