Fractional Yacht

How it works

Are you looking for a boat, yacht, luxury yacht, mega-yacht, fractional yacht, Viking yachts, Hatteras yacht, Bertram yachts, Jim Smith yachts? There is a perfect fractional program out there for you.

  • Fractional saves you money
  • Fractional advances the progression of upward movement
  • Fractional makes it more luxurious
  • Fractional increases your wealth
  • Fractional eliminates your boating headaches
  • Fractional gives your back your family time
  • Fractional provides deeded ownership
  • Fractional includes professional management
  • Fractional provides 24/7 concierge service
  • Fractional performs maintenance
  • Fractional includes crew and crew management
  • Fractional includes operating expenses
  • Fractional allows you to select yacht and destinations

If you are in boating you understand the small to large progression. You start as a teenager with a ski boat. As you progress up in years so does the size of your boat. A boat turns into a larger center console, to a cruiser, to a small yacht, to a larger yacht, to a luxury yacht.

Along with size comes more and more headaches and problems. You learn yachting systems become more complicated, trips become further away, more things to plan for and of course more expensive.

It’s in the blood and you love it!

Season feeds our love for boats, yachts, luxury yachts, we cannot wait for season to arrive.

Winter on the other hand means downtime which really means a lot of money going out of you pocket and nothing in return for all you efforts.

Downtime, allows time to check for new toys coming from manufacturers like Viking Yachts, Hatteras Yachts, Bertram Yachts, the custom guys and of course new and better equipment, rods and reels. More money going out of your pocket



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