A share consists of what?

A share is 25% of the usage and cost of the yacht which is chosen by the owners.

Who decides my weeks of usage?

The first year will be assigned first come, first served. Subsequent years will be rotated.

What are the involved costs?

You are responsible for 25% of yacht price. And 3.2% of yacht cost yearly into the operating budget.. Your other costs will be consumables while you are on board, food and beverage, fuel, dockage, etc.

Who decides where the yacht is going to cruise?

In our plan the owners select nine (9) destinations yearly. Fractional Sportfishing Yachts will develop the schedule based upon easy of flow in other to keep costs down.

What if any tax benefits are associated with fractional ownership?

This is a question best answered by your accountant as he knows your situations.

What are the costs associated with the maintenance of the yacht and what am I responsible for?

All maintenance costs have already been included in the operating budget. You have no responsibilities but to enjoy your time on your yacht. Repairs are handled either by establishing a repair account in the budget or assessment. To be determined by owners.