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2014 Viking 76′ – New Offering

NEW OFFERING 25% SHARE – $1,250,000.00 YEARLY OPERATING BUDGET $100,000.00 Share #1 – Reserved – Mr. C.D. from Houston Share #2 – Still Open Share #3 – Still Open Share #4 – Still Open Fractional Sportfishing Yachts    /  or call  440-479-2883  

2018 FLIBS


Concierge Services

World-class Personal Concierge Service Our concierge are ultimate social advisors, business expediters and personal confidantes. They are creative, resourceful, prudent, kind, dedicated, gracious, disciplined, and tenacious. They are always respectful and protect the identity and confidentiality of all owners and guests. They handle all duties with efficiency and zeal. Recommendations, reservations, travel, meeting and party planning, personal shopping and assistance are all in a … Read More Concierge Services

Destinations – Fractional Sportfishing Yachts

Destinations! I can really select my destinations? Destinations you select? I cannot understand the fractional programs that list two weeks in the Caribbean and two weeks in the Mediterranean. I do understand why – ten (10) owners. How can ten different personalities ever agree where to travel? Our program believes you are the owner and as such have the pleasure of selecting nine destinations … Read More Destinations – Fractional Sportfishing Yachts

Fractional Yacht Plan

Be an owner, not a participant!

+ Secluded Beach

Does Fractional Work?

THE REAL FRACTIONAL PROGRAM They do exist, you just have to keep looking. Too many have strayed from the meaning of offering a fractional yacht. Fractional programs are hard to keep pure, most add other options in order to stay afloat.  Read their offerings to see what they sell, Yachts, Fleets? Then they are not real fractional programs. WHY?  A true fractional yacht program … Read More Does Fractional Work?

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