Fractional Yacht in your future?

You have reached the point in life where you have the resources to indulge in the obscene pleasures most of us only dream of. You have more often, than not, been correct in you decisions making. Luxury yachting is unlike any other decision you have made. You cannot hand the keys to the captain and expect everything to go smoothly. That’s not how it works. There are thousands of moving parts to keep up, crew, dockage, mooring, supplies, trip planning, customs, licensing, provisions, where to refuel, reservations and so many other things.

Your time on board is wonderful and the experiences are worth the money you spend, but remember the costs keep adding up daily while you sit in your office running your business. The same thousands of moving parts, crew, dockage, and worst of all, the corrosion and damage of non-use, while your asset sits at the dock.

The typical yacht is used between 300 to 400 hours per year, 30 to 50 days a year. Which leaves 315 to 335 days it just sits at the dock.

It’s the 315 days that kills the thrill of yacht ownership. What business person can justify spending a million dollars or more a year to let your yacht sit tied to a dock unused?

Owning a luxury yacht is going to test your resolve. In the beginning you are in love and willing to spend whatever it takes to keep her in great shape. So, what if a pump goes out, just buy a replacement and keep going. The crew keeps calling with more things that need attention. Will you keep spending the cash necessary to keep her in pristine condition?

Who is going to manage the daily operations of the yacht, purchasing, supplies, monitoring maintenance, major repairs and of course the crew.

A yacht requires countless hours of research, decision-making and legal consequences.

These are the things that kills the love story of yachting for some people and then you decide tp sell your yacht. How easy is it to sell if it becomes necessary? Today the market is flooded with older yachts, so who knows how long it could take.

These are some of the questions you need to answer before purchasing a luxury yacht.

To help you in your decision whether to get into a luxury yacht, consider fractional yacht ownership. It offers you, everything, more and less.

Everything – handled by the management company

More – time on board, fun, destinations, relaxation, family time, larger yacht

Less – headaches, problems, time away from family, decision-making, worrying, legal consequences, you spend less money, time away from your business, easier to sell when the time comes.


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Unlike the other fractional ownership programs Fractional Sportfishing Yachts never requires the transfer of money to reserve a 25% share of ownership.

Why should you put money down before doing your due diligence? This makes no sense to us except the added pressure of sales people.

You also have the right to cancel the reservation of your 25% share at any time until signing the L.L.C. agreement with your fellow owners.

Now, there is no reason to not reserve your share of an incredible adventure and change to your lifestyle.


You will ask yourself why you didn’t do this years ago and kick yourself for the money you wasted.

The Future of Fractional Ownership





Lifestyle Changer

You can have your cake and eat it too!

Sistership – Viking 92

Your dream yacht built to your specifications for only $2,987,500.00 includes operating costs for 5 years!


What a 24′ beam looks like!

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Is this really a hard decision?

I know this is not a fair comparison of the boats but it does show what you can get for 2.1 million dollars.

Option #1 – Hatteras GT45X which is a great boat full of every option you need to enjoy weekends and in our opinion close tournaments. I know these boats can reach out to further destinations but to be fair not the same distances as option #2.

Length 45′, width 16′-6″, weight 49,700 lbs, two staterooms, one head, galley, good size cockpit, seating around helm and very well outfitted, fuel 800 gals, water 100 gals.

This price is for the purchase of the boat only and does not include operating expenses or any of the other items included with the Viking 93.


Option #2, Viking 92 EB, length 93′-4″, bean 23′-5″, weight 195,000 lbs, 6 staterooms, 6 heads, day head, galley, massive salon, dining area for 8, fuel 4,000 gals, water 450 gals.

I know you cannot compare a 45′ boat to a 93′ Luxury Yacht but that is exactly what Fractional Sportfishing Yachts can do for the same money.

This yacht also includes professional management, 24/7 concierge service, maintenance, accounting, two alternating crews, overseeing all repairs and operating expenses for 5 years.

Both the 45′ boat and the 93′ Luxury Yacht can be had for the same 2.1 million dollars.

The 45′ boat is what I call a local boat whereas the 93′ Luxury Yacht is an International Yacht.

You have reached the point in life where you can spend 2 million to purchase a yacht. Now comes the hard part, which one do I choose.

Option #1 means you are the captain, mate, maintenance man, cleaning man, scheduling man, accountant, manager, and mister do everything man. When do you get to enjoy your boat?

If you choose Option #2 the only headache you have is packing your luggage! Everything else is provided for you, and you also have a 24/7 concierge so you will never again miss your wife’s birthday….

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Fractional Yachts Redesigned

We have redesigned the Fractional Yachting experience, eliminated the inherent problems and provide the owners the ability to make decisions.

Out motto is, 1-4-5, one luxury Sportfishing yacht, four owners, for 5 years. The owners select the yacht and 9 destinations per year. We provide Management, 24/7 Concierge, Maintenance, Accounting, Logistics, and Supervision of all Repairs.

Besides the owners ability to select the yacht and destinations they cannot be forced to sell the yacht because of another owners financial issues.

The best part of our plan is the Net 5-Year Cost of only $2,987,000.00.

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You make the choices!

We make this simple. Which line do you choose to follow?


Visual depiction of typical fractional yacht programs where you follow the dashed line!

In your professional business life do you allow people to tell you what you want and what you will get? HELL NO!!!

But you do without even thinking about it when you buy into the typical fractional yacht program. WHY?? Because up to now you did not have a choice. It was their way or solo ownership.

Well, no more, follow the solid line around all the B.S. and keep making the choices you as the owner, got you to where you are today.

Take a few minutes out of your busy day to view our website and see how you can save millions and most of all make the decisions without all the headaches.


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Proper Fractional Yacht Photo Album

Come join Fractional Sportfishing Yachts not only for the time of your life but a photo album filled with family memories and experiences.


Your carriage can be the Viking 92EB shown above or any yacht of your choice.

Cruise the Caribbean Islands, up and down the East Cost around the Gulf of Mexico and any place you have ever wished to visit.

You have no limits so explore your imagination and wildest dreams!

You can’t beat the price of owning the best luxury yacht in the world. You and your family have never experienced an opportunity like this.

$2,093,000.00 Net Cost for 5 Years. Includes you choice of yacht, destinations, Professional Management, Concierge 24/7, Maintenance, Crew, Accounting, No Headaches, Fun.

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FLIBS 2018 | Fractional Sportfishing Yachts Challenge

flibs vikingThe Ghosts and Ghouls of Halloween will be out in force at this years 2018 Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show !

This year the adults will enjoy the experience of Trick or Treat for their favorite yacht.

Prime Time Review, 10-31-18 will be first and best day to visit the show and your new yacht.

Spend the day walking the docks, boarding the yachts and talking to the sales people. Don’t allow any of your questions to go unanswered as this is the day your dreams become a reality.

Take the time now to schedule as many appointments as possible before the glitter of the show sidetracks you. Make your cheat sheet so you can gather all the facts and figures for all the yachts you believe you may wish to own. Visit their websites for additional information and prices.

During this time be sure to visit our website to see what we offer and how we compare to what you may see at the show.

The more information you have the less likely you are to make a mistake in the moment.

FSY proposes a brand new Viking 92EB built exactly how you want with all the bells, whistles, décor and equipment, complete management, crew, personal concierge, maintenance and 45 destinations of our choice over 5 years.


$2,093,000.00  | Net 5 Year Cost


Did you find a better offer than the picture above?  (Sister ship of what you can have.)


At the end of the show what will be the best deal you made for $2,093,000.00?