Concierge Services


World-class Personal Concierge Service

Our concierge are ultimate social advisors, business expediters and personal confidantes.

They are creative, resourceful, prudent, kind, dedicated, gracious, disciplined, and tenacious.

They are always respectful and protect the identity and confidentiality of all owners and guests.

They handle all duties with efficiency and zeal. Recommendations, reservations, travel, meeting and party planning, personal shopping and assistance are all in a day’s work.

Once you commit to the program a personal concierge will be assigned to you and your family to handle your needs 24/7. It is her duty to meet with you and your family to discover your likes and dislikes, for everything from food, drinks, restaurants, flights, etc. She will know your preferences and those of your family.

Concierge #1 will be assigned to owner #1 and owner #3 while Concierge #2 will be assigned to owner #2 and owner #4. This allows time between trips for proper planning, reservations, flight and arranging special requests.

I do not see this level of service being offered by any other fractional program.


Let us pamper you and your family.

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