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Destinations! I can really select my destinations?


Destinations you select? I cannot understand the fractional programs that list two weeks in the Caribbean and two weeks in the Mediterranean. I do understand why – ten (10) owners. How can ten different personalities ever agree where to travel?

Our program believes you are the owner and as such have the pleasure of selecting nine destinations each year. We review your selections and develop a natural flow which keeps relocations costs to a minimum. If your selections are left off this years schedule they will be assigned on the following schedule. 

Our plan provides a total of 45 trips, to explore and enjoy your dream destinations every 5th week. The rotation consists of one week on, four weeks off, nine cycles per year.

In last weeks blog we included a map showing our base area of operation. You have the opportunity to see this entire area and select far away destinations if desired.

Base area of operation

This is how your photo journal can look in 5 years!

Only you can write the final chapter to your photo journal!

Next week we will discuss our 24/7 personal Concierge Services

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