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Does Fractional Work?

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They do exist, you just have to keep looking. Too many have strayed from the meaning of offering a fractional yacht. Fractional programs are hard to keep pure, most add other options in order to stay afloat. 

Read their offerings to see what they sell, Yachts, Fleets? Then they are not real fractional programs. WHY? 

A true fractional yacht program does not sell anything. What can they possibly offer to sell? Are they a broker? Are they a yacht manufacturer? I see some offering charters. This is wrong! They are businesses but not true fractional yacht programs.

What is a real fraction yacht program? A professional management firm which provides services to clients that own a fractional yacht. Do not accept any other definition you may see in the press, magazines or websites.

A good fractional program should provide: Assigned 24/7 Concierge services for you and your family – not a department you can call if needed, Complete crew management, Protection of clients funds in escrow accounts, Written QA/QC maintenance and repair plans for your specific yacht, Trip planning from your door back to your door, Accounting both internal and external services,  Being present at repair yards when repairs are being performed so repairs and invoicing can be confirmed. Most of all, you should not be a number. It is impossible to provide the service required for a luxury yacht when you are spread over numerous yachts and a large number of owners.

Come read our story  to see if we are what you are looking for. Our plan is based upon the believe “8 Staff, 1 Yacht, 4 Owners, 5 Years” will provide the optimum luxury service.  

Yes, fractional yacht programs do work. You just have to put in the time to find the right one for your needs.

Click our link to see for yourself.

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