Is this really a hard decision?

I know this is not a fair comparison of the boats but it does show what you can get for 2.1 million dollars.

Option #1 – Hatteras GT45X which is a great boat full of every option you need to enjoy weekends and in our opinion close tournaments. I know these boats can reach out to further destinations but to be fair not the same distances as option #2.

Length 45′, width 16′-6″, weight 49,700 lbs, two staterooms, one head, galley, good size cockpit, seating around helm and very well outfitted, fuel 800 gals, water 100 gals.

This price is for the purchase of the boat only and does not include operating expenses or any of the other items included with the Viking 93.


Option #2, Viking 92 EB, length 93′-4″, bean 23′-5″, weight 195,000 lbs, 6 staterooms, 6 heads, day head, galley, massive salon, dining area for 8, fuel 4,000 gals, water 450 gals.

I know you cannot compare a 45′ boat to a 93′ Luxury Yacht but that is exactly what Fractional Sportfishing Yachts can do for the same money.

This yacht also includes professional management, 24/7 concierge service, maintenance, accounting, two alternating crews, overseeing all repairs and operating expenses for 5 years.

Both the 45′ boat and the 93′ Luxury Yacht can be had for the same 2.1 million dollars.

The 45′ boat is what I call a local boat whereas the 93′ Luxury Yacht is an International Yacht.

You have reached the point in life where you can spend 2 million to purchase a yacht. Now comes the hard part, which one do I choose.

Option #1 means you are the captain, mate, maintenance man, cleaning man, scheduling man, accountant, manager, and mister do everything man. When do you get to enjoy your boat?

If you choose Option #2 the only headache you have is packing your luggage! Everything else is provided for you, and you also have a 24/7 concierge so you will never again miss your wife’s birthday….

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