FLIBS 2018 | Fractional Sportfishing Yachts Challenge

flibs vikingThe Ghosts and Ghouls of Halloween will be out in force at this years 2018 Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show !

This year the adults will enjoy the experience of Trick or Treat for their favorite yacht.

Prime Time Review, 10-31-18 will be first and best day to visit the show and your new yacht.

Spend the day walking the docks, boarding the yachts and talking to the sales people. Don’t allow any of your questions to go unanswered as this is the day your dreams become a reality.

Take the time now to schedule as many appointments as possible before the glitter of the show sidetracks you. Make your cheat sheet so you can gather all the facts and figures for all the yachts you believe you may wish to own. Visit their websites for additional information and prices.

During this time be sure to visit our website to see what we offer and how we compare to what you may see at the show.

The more information you have the less likely you are to make a mistake in the moment.

FSY proposes a brand new Viking 92EB built exactly how you want with all the bells, whistles, décor and equipment, complete management, crew, personal concierge, maintenance and 45 destinations of our choice over 5 years.


$2,093,000.00  | Net 5 Year Cost


Did you find a better offer than the picture above?  (Sister ship of what you can have.)


At the end of the show what will be the best deal you made for $2,093,000.00?





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