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I am tired of seeing all the claims being offered in today’s fractional programs. Before you buy, verify the answers you get. If you don’t like what you are hearing at least you were educated before you made the mistake.


  1. Can I select a new yacht or do I pick one from your fleet or inventory?
  2. Do I have the opportunity to select the destinations I wish to see or does the company provide locations to me?
  3. What is the total number of trips included in the package?
  4. Are the trips I am assigned always on the same weeks?
  5. Do I talk to an assigned Concierge or do I talk to a Concierge Department?


  1. If you must pick from inventory then you are getting a tired (high hour) boat which could add to future repair costs.
  2. Are destinations pre-selected by the company, two weeks here, then two weeks there?
  3. Most 10 share programs are designed for two, two-week trips per year. Ten (10) total trips during the life of the typical 5 year program.
  4. In most programs “YES” your trips are the same weeks every year. This means your trip may be too early or too late for that destination. (Good or bad weather).
  5. It appears that most programs provide a Concierge Department and not an assigned Concierge.


  1. You are the owner so yes you select the yacht of your choice.
  2. Again, you are the owner so your yacht goes where you wish to travel not where the company wants to take you.
  3. You have nine (9) one-week trips per year. Forty Five (45) trips (destinations) over the life of the program. These are destinations you select not the company.
  4. No! Your position and weeks are rotated every year.
  5.  You are assigned a personal Concierge available to you and your family 24/7.

Before you buy into a Fractional Yachting Program do yourself a favor and research the company to be sure they fulfill all your expectations. If not, you will experience hell for the next five years and cannot get out, without spending a lot of money.

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