Hooks are for fishing not advertising!

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I am tired of reading the partial advertising being used by all the fractional yacht programs.

You have seen them, only $325,000.00 for 1/10 share of a 75′-85′ yacht. ThenĀ  they compare that number to a much smaller boat.

Next comes, you are responsible for consumables and your share of all expenses. They have been through this so they know what your expenses will be. Why hide them? To make the number appear lower then it really is.

Fractional Sportfishing Yachts has always been completely open when providing numbers so you have all the numbers to make a decision. We use hooks for fishing not clients.

Fractional Sportfishing Yachts has nothing to sell but luxury service. You purchase the yacht so your funds are never at risk.




The proposed yacht for our program is the Viking 92EB. You get to experience 9 weeks per year and you also select the destinations.

Net 5 Year Cost – $2,093,000.00


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Only item not included in budget are repairs as this is an unknown item.

To see exactly what we offer go to Fractional-Yachts, questions or more information callĀ  440.479.2883 or email www.glenn@fsyus.com.


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Miami Boatshow / What did you buy?


Miami had a wonderful Boatshow. Beautiful yachts down to tenders and what seemed like hundreds of miles or walking, thousands of handshakes and gallons of those fancy umbrella drinks.

My question to everyone “what yacht could you have purchased for Two Million dollars?” Now add five years of operating expenses (min. 10% per year), what could you have purchased for your Three Million?

Let us show you how that Three Million dollars will allow you to own and operate a Luxury Viking 92EB.


Did the Salon in the yacht you want look anything like the one above?

Visit our website, study, research, compare and I am sure you cannot better our offering.

If you have any questions please call 440-479-2883, check our website at www.fractional-yachts.com or email us at glenn@fsyus.com.