See how fractional ownership can double the size of your next boat without spending more dollars! It eliminates your typical boating headaches and allows you more time with the family.

Viking 92EB, provides 6 staterooms, 8 heads, all the creature comforts. This is truly a worldwide yacht.



Viking 48C, provides 3 staterooms, 2 heads and performs very well as a local or short distance yacht. Your guests will have to share the bathroom as it serves as the boats head.


Viking 92 EB – 205,000 pounds of pure fishing muscle eliminates most non fishing days during the tournament.


Viking 48C – Comes in at 66,342 pounds and you will have to endure those non-fishing weather days.



Viking 92EB – Salon Area – 24 people can sit in this area and not feel cramped.


Viking 48C – Salon Area – This area can be enjoyed by 10 people.



Viking 92EB – Master Stateroom – Like being at home.



Viking 92EB – Cockpit 238 sqft



Viking 48C – Cockpit 124 sqft



Viking 92EB – Enclosed Bridge – All the bells and whistles you ever need.

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Two more views of the Viking 92EB to show her size.

92EB Rear View



The Viking 92EB is on the right and that is a 60 on the left. Think how the 48C would compare to the 92EB. The Viking 92EB sports 60″ props in those tunnels.


Fractional Ownership makes the Viking 92EB available for the same cost as Solo Ownership Viking 48C.

Fractional Model – items included:

  • 5 Year Program
  • 25% Share – 2.9 Million
  • You select the yacht and destinations
  • Allowed 9 weeks usage per year
  • Professional Management
  • Crew – Hire, Manage, Terminate as necessary, Travel, Hotels
  • Concierge Services – 24/7 – Personal, not a department
  • Accounting Services
  • Maintenance Program
  • Operating Expenses – 5 years
  • Relocation Expenses

Solo Ownership Model – items you perform:

  • 5 Year Program
  • 100% Ownership
  • You select the yacht and destinations – This takes time away from your business
  • You schedule trip, try to find friends to take with you and hope they do not cancel at the last minute.
  • You must perform all the management of the yacht.
  • You have to handle the hiring, management, firing of the crew as necessary.
  • You and or your family is the concierge team.
  • You must take the time to keep all the costs of the boat and crew.
  • Best One Yet – You get to handle or perform all the maintenance. No football games or time with the family when this happens.
  • You pay all the expenses associated with owning a yacht. Ouch!
  • You must handle all trip planning, customs, crew housing, hotels, tournament problems, food, fuel to name a few.

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You have a client or customer that wants a bigger boat but just doesn’t have the money necessary to move up to that bigger boat. Sound familiar?


Well, now you have another option to provide your client that bigger boat they are looking for and within their budget. After all is said and done, isn’t that your job.


Close the deal and make your client happy.


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