Uniqueness and Exclusivity


These two words best describe Fractional Sportfishing Yachts and our placement in the fractional yacht ownership market.

They seem to be a byproduct of the act of making a statement. You must be brave enough not to include everyone; you must accept that when you make a statement you will not appeal to everyone.

Why are they buying a yacht? Rather than buying a yacht as a show of wealth, they are buying it to enjoy a Luxury Lifestyle.

This explanation of why are they buying best describes the luxury sport fishing yacht buyer. These men are more about the hunt for the next trophy and the creature comfort afforded by the luxury sportfishing yacht. Not the show of wealth.

Fractional Sportfishing Yachts has nothing to sell but the opportunity to enjoy a Luxury Lifestyle.

This offering is not directed to the under 35 group as this bracket, for the most part, has neither the time nor the money to appreciate luxury.

If you have reached the point of buying a Luxury Lifestyle, spend a few minutes viewing our webpage or better, call us to discuss how we can meet your expectations.

www.fractional-yachts.com / 440-479-2883



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