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Business Development – is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.

Los Suenos #3 rev

A developer has an ideal $500,000,000 development they want to build, an architect wants to be the selected designer of the developer’s ideal development. A contractor wants to be selected to build the developer’s ideal development. This process works its way down the food chain until the developer’s ideal development is completed. During the end of this cycle the developer wants to find clients that want to buy units in the ideal development.


Fractional Sportfishing Yachts is the new Business Development tool that has been missing from your toolbox. I am not talking about Motor Yachts, I am talking about an exciting 92′ Luxurious Sportfishing Yacht.


Picture this scenario! Your business development team has been working for months putting in long hours including weekends to get your foot into the door. You own a 25% share of a large luxurious Sportfishing Yacht and you know that a high-roller Marlin Tournament is coming up. From experience, there is nothing more exciting and addictive that Tournament Fishing. So, you invite that one client your team has been working so hard to get.


The first morning starts before sunrise with over 100 boats lined up ready for the Bimini Start. Bang! The roar of 200 large diesel engines pushing the boats on plane is an amazing sight and feeling. You must reach the determined fishing site before the other boats. Time is limited and precious, every wasted minute could cost you 10’s of thousands of dollars. Of course, you have brought along your business development team to network with the clients and his team members.

luxury box

A luxury Sportfishing yacht is like sitting in a corporate luxury box at a big-time sporting event except you have their attention for a few days not hours. The boat, with all its amenities serves the same purpose, allowing executives to check out the action when they want to, then socialize and talk business during lulls. As beer bottles are opened and jokes being told, you must admit, it’s a hell of a lot better place to do business than a conference room.


You will be surprised to see the return on your investment with all the business and opportunities you can have.


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