Viking 92 Update

Viking 92 Update

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Viking 92 Engine


As we approach our 50th Anniversary on April 1, 2014, there are countless milestones in the history of the Viking Yacht Company, but the largest is our new flagship, the magnificent Viking 92 Enclosed Bridge Convertiblemoving down Line One.  To appreciate just how big this yacht is, consider that one of its two MTU V16 Series 2000 M96 diesel engines producing 2,600 mhp weighs in at 11,180 pounds.

Installing the shaft on the Viking 92
The 4 ½ inch stainless-steel propeller shaft is 221 inches long and weighs 1,040 pounds.


Viking 92 rudder install

Each stainless-steel rudder tips the scale at 384 pounds.


Viking 92 EB launches this summer

Our new 92 Enclosed Bridge Convertible launches this summer!

Author: Hank Sibley Bluewater Yacht Sales

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