True Fractional Ownership – Risks

Timeshare or Multi-Shareholders or something different?

There are volumes of magazine articles telling you just that. But, really what is Fractional Ownership and how does if affect how you own an asset?

If you use the business side of your brain the answer is SIMPLE!


You always weigh Risk when making any business decision. Everyday, “Is the end worth the Risk, and how can I reduce that Risk to my company.”

Fractional Yacht Ownership is no different. Of course most of you can afford to purchase the yacht solo, but does that decision pass the Risk test? If you are truthful and not prideful you will answer NO!

Yacht ownership is expensive, time-consuming, pain in the ass, exciting, I’ve made it, brotherhood, did I mention time-consuming and a pain in the ass.

Fractional Ownership allows you to reduce the Risks to an acceptable level.

Fractional Sportfishing Yachts reduces your risks while providing a new standard of fractional ownership. Choices! You select the yacht, colors, decor, options, destinations while we provide all management, crew oversight, maintenance, accounting, 24/7 concierge services, major repair oversight at vendor’s location. We like to say that your only responsibility is to pack your clothing and we meet you at your front door.

An example of Solo and Fractional ownership. Say an engine on your luxury sportfishing yacht blows and you are the solo owner. Besides pulling out all your hair, what do you do? Write a million dollar check and stew for a while.

What does the fraction owner do? Of course he also gets mad but then he remembers his Risk Mitigation decision and smiles a little. If his fractional program is for 4 shares, then he smiles, and writes a $250,000.00 check and finishes his scotch and water

RISK MITIGATION = HAPPY OWNER – especially in tough times!

Check all the programs available in the marketplace, then, before your final decision, do yourself a favor and review the program that no one else offers. Fractional Sportfishing Yachts, or call (440-479-2883) to discuss your questions or concerns.


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