The Future of Fractional Ownership



The two best moments in life are the day you buy a yacht and the day you sell it. We have all heard this. Then:

HOLE IN WATERThe preverbal HOLE which we throw all our money


Hell, is the period between the two best moments. Everyone knows yachts hemorrhage money, but its all the time expended on managing the daily operations of the yacht, crew, purchasing supplies, monitoring vendor repairs and major shipyard work, as well as countless hours of research, decision making and legal consequences. This is what tries to fill the HOLE!


Fractional Sportfishing Yachts eliminates HELL from the equation of owning a Luxury Yacht and lets you enjoy all three moments. Buy yacht, Sell yacht and 45 weeks of Bliss instead of HELL.

Spend a little time reading our website to learn how easy the process of Fractional Ownership really is.